Predict Amyloid Protein Structures

A deep learning model in Tensorflow to analyze important features and predict secondary structures of amyloid proteins. Please look at some of my past publications for additional details of this work.

Flac To mp3 Converter
A simple python script to maintain flac and mp3 files in sync, including tags, and album art. This script can be used as a cron job to keep files in sync. The code repository is available on Github.

Kaggle Competitions
Python code and notebooks for different Kaggle competitions that I have participated. The repositories (names starting with kaggle) can be found on my Github account page.

TicTacToe in Qt5

An unbeatable game of TicTacToe using minimax algorithm and PyQt5. The code repository is available on Github. You need to have PyQt5 installed to run this.

RNA-binding Residues in Proteins
protein binding

Protein-RNA interface residue predictors trained using various machine learning models built with scikit-learn , keras and tensorflow.

Ludo in Qt5
Ludo Board Game

A working game of Ludo using Qt5. The source for this project is available on github . You need to have Qt5 installed to run this.