Palak Paneer Recipe

Last month or so has been all silent here. No puzzles, no math, no computers and most important, no Food! And as usual blame is on my work schedule.

Yes, the silence is finally over, and what’s better than giving your taste buds some rejuvenation after some long busy weeks at work. Continuing with my healthy but tasty choices, today I tried to cook Palak (Spinach) with Paneer.

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Tilapia Fish Recipe

Typically, hunger and laziness come to me as inseparable couples. To make things worse, I have been trying to eat healthy.

Nevertheless, here is another recipe that solves all these at once. Its my five minute Tilapia Fish Recipe.

Two major ingredients - fish and veggies, of this recipe can be grabbed from the frozen section of any supermarket.

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Aloo Paratha Recipe

Today, I share one of my favorite dishes - Aloo Paratha. It is a dish of mashed potato stuffed bread from the Northern India. It is my favorite breakfast dish when I am in India.

Here is my try in making some edible parathas. It might take few trials in making a perfectly round-shaped Paratha. Please share your views and inputs in comments below.

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Mix-Veg Paneer Recipe

I am quite found of Paneer. However, cooking it can be a hassle.

You can get paneer generally at any Indian grocery store. For enthusiasts, Here is a recipe for making Paneer from milk.

Here is a version of recipe that I use quite often. It involves two parts - Baking Paneer and Cooking the veggies.

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Indian Vermicelli Recipe

This is for all the lazy souls like me - in a mood to eat something tasty, but in no mood to cook for long.

Vermicelli, or also known as seviyan in Hindi, is commonly cooked as a sweet dish in Indian subcontinent. As I try to be away from all things sweet, I came across this recipe which uses this in a quite spicy flavor.

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Lal Saag Recipe

I have started eating a lot of greens these days. As a kid, I always loved a vegetable made by my mom, which was made of red leaves, called “Laal Saag” in Hindi. I could never find what exactly was the English/American name for those leaves.

Recently, at one of the Korean grocery stores, I came across red Amaranth leaves. Those looked strikingly similar to the red leaves that I used to have back home in India.

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